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Covid-19 2020 archive

Audiobooks/ Ebooks

Anna Julia Cooper, A Voice in the South (EBook)

More Ebooks...

The following videos will be re-vamped for the web-series. 

Souls of Black Folk

by W.E.B Dubois


Salvation: Black People and Love​

by bell hooks


Custer Died For Your Sins

by Vine Deloria Jr.


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What should you expect to watch in future videos?

  • Reenactments of famous philosophical texts,

  • breakdowns of challenging philosophical texts 

  • audio books: a diverse group of narrators will read your favs!

Videographers, actors, and narrators looking to be apart of this magic should note that:

I am looking for videographers, actors, and narrators to help me create future videos. Most of the filming will take place on the University of Connecticut campus. I will play all artist the Connecticut minimum wage (which is $10.10 an hour) 

How to audition:

Those interested in being apart of the re-enactments will email wekissingthesky@gmail.com 

Voice narrators and actors should send me (Taylor Tate) a 90-second clip of your work. I would prefer that you act out scenes from my translations. 


Auditions will be open until I find the right people for my web-series.

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