Black Women aka White Supremacist

Black women fetishizing light skinned niggas

Black mothers telling their Black baby daddies that they run the risk of becoming the Black Male stereotype

"Woke" Black women condemning oppression, only to limit their eligible suitors to Black men who strive toward Eurocentric metrics of performance

Black women demeaning Black men who forsake the emptiness of eurocentric values for radical love, kindness, and generosity

put Black men in a state of neurosis:

a state in which one strives to be powerful and able and loved and doted on, like the white man. This state of neurosis ensures a constant effort to run away from his own individuality, to annihilate his own presence bc for him there is only one way out (one way to become human in a world that dehumanizes him), and it leads into the white world. In this state, ppl obsessively wonder if they are loveable, take on obsessive feelings of exclusion, of having no place anywhere, and becomes superfluous everywhere in an affective sense in any romantic relationships.

Our actions and beliefs work to ensure that Black men don't work toward becoming men, beings with purpose or a healthy outlook on the world. Instead of striving toward the productiveness that is characteristic of psychosocial equilibrium, our actions and beliefs make Black men seek to corroborate their externalizing neurosis.

or at least this is what im getting from reading Black Skin White Mask

To put this on Black Women seems a bit unjust.

They too (Black women) have been ingrained in a society that teaches everyone that Black isn't beautiful.

But it's true, isn't it?

Don't we do this to "our" men?

UPDATE: I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THIS IS NOT THE POINt OF FANON'S BLACK SKIN WHITE MASK BUT MY POINT STILL STANDS. btw if ur reading this i pray lots of love, kindness, and blessings come ur way!