Am I a centrist or do u have a stick up ur dunk?

We have done little to nothing about the fact that our government throws children in damn near concentration camps, swarms of black people in prisons, and have just recently decided to deny people food and wages with this government shutdown. (I would trace our inaction to the fact that many us are too poor, too apathetic, hopeless, and depressed to do anything about it.) And yet! And yet when people do take steps to create a better society, we clown them saying that they not really about that life. If we find that they are imperfect, we refuse to acknowledge or celebrate their successes. Instead, we shit on minority art representations, minority representatives, and dialogue because it isn't good or "radical" enough.

If an academic don't account for all the intersectionalities in their theories we be like

If a politician vote the wrong way just one or two times:

If we find that discourse isn't woke enough

And I'm just like whoa! Can we be thankful for progress even if it's small? Can we celebrate achievements in imperfect bodies of work? Can we give a little love and have a bit more faith in imperfect people, with good intentions, when they get shit wrong?

I'm all for encouraging ppl to correct their mistakes when they get shit wrong. If people get shit wrong we should critique them and their ideas. But let's not forget that people are capable of growing and changing for the better. Let's not assume that ideas or people are evil people or should completely be dismissed because of a few mistakes or a few immoral acts. Like yo! We gotta stop throwing whole people, plans, and ideas out because they aren't good or radical enough. We act like we can't work with people or ideas because they are imperfect. We act like it is a given that we can't push them to enact the change we need or that there is no good in anything that we find to be imperfect. And that just ain't right or practical! People don't always understand shit the right way but we can work to ensure that they correct their mistakes and do better in the future.

It definitely won't be easy to educate influencers when they lack the knowledge that we have. To truly educate them requires us to push them in the right direction instead of saying f everybody or f every imperfect body of work. It's not easy to do this because some people need to get chucked.

But I think it's possible and I think it's also possible for us to get better at learning how and when we should call people out.

And let's be clear! I know that not all "radicals" or "revolutionaries" have this mentality. I also know that there are AMAZING organizations and individuals working to fight for a more just world. I am definitely NOT saying that radicals haven't done shit at all. I'm not saying that we all little poor snowflakes incapable of doing shit.

I'm just saying that many of us don't do enough to support people working to do good work or celebrate the accomplishments they make. For some reason, many of us are more comfortable ridiculing their mistakes.

Just think to how we talk about the diverse groups of senators that have just been sworn in. We act like they all the devil in disguise. We act like the lot of them been born with prophecies that they say they are destined to be puppets and traitors.

Yeah, they aren't radical enough but shouldn't we celebrate diversity in government? Of course, we should not be thankful to them for doing the bare minimum. I am just wondering if we should take the time to celebrate the fact that these newly representatives are less likely to enact racist, classist, and sexist policies and more likely to push the dialogue and legislation in a more "just" direction WHILE critiquing and pushing them to have more humane/radical practices. I am personally thankful that we have people in government that want to move things in the right direction. I feel blessed that they are in those positions of power because I know that the mere image of them in high places inspires people and works to change the culture in those spaces. I know they not gon do what I would like.

They probably not gon do a lot of what they promised. They will mess up a lot. There will probably be a few instances in which we are reminded that in many ways their stakeholders=corporations. I get all this but I also know that they will work to write and enact a few pieces of legislation that will help people. They will stop a few pieces of legislations meant to further the oppression of minorities. And for this, I celebrate. I celebrate them being in office because I know that their actions mean more will get access to human rights. The changes they make won't be the changes I desire but I celebrate the fact that we have less bigoted people in office. I celebrate the fact that any positive change they work to ensure will lead to more people having resources necessary to live a quality life. But also, I believe that despite their issues, we can push our representatives them a bit in the right direction. I believe that we can do better to push our representatives on some issues. And I think that a world in which we do better to try to push them is better than the world we currently operate in.