Loving the un-woke

Not all postmodernism is bad. Not all Afro-Pessimism is bad. Not all anarchism, or libertarianism, or market theory is bad. Obviously, some ideologies/theories, like fascism and racism, are all the way bad but there is something to be learned in many traditions "woke" folk outright condemn. I see ppl so high and mighty, acting like they got the moral authority of Jesus, the logical thinking of a whole African council of elders, just slamming whole traditions.

Like why are we so gun-ho on condemning whole traditions? Ain't nobody in this world omniscient so no theory will be perfect. Why can't we appreciate texts even if they dismiss or disregard certain aspects of reality?

I get that a lot of our knowledge has been colonized and that the whole thing is super bad but damn like yall gon make it to where we can't consume no type of information.

I'm sorry. If you wanna say that I am reinforcing the shittyiness that is the western intellectual tradition, go ahead and say that. I'ma keep reading the same stuff you reading and Ima keep reading the so called greats of the West. I love it all because there is something for me to appreciate in all of it.