The bad black people

Black people who contribute to call out culture by implying that one act of speech or one act that someone performs is reflective of their whole being forever into eternity.

TERFS that won't stop fucking with trans people.

Black queer people who got issues with bisexuals.

Black men who ignore black women when they talk about feminism.

Hoteps who think the answer to everything is to go back to Africa.

Hoteps who sexist af.

Black intellectual who look down on anyone who disagrees with them.

Black people who like comparing their oppression to other oppressed groups.

Black people who only give thoughts and prayers when an atrocity takes place.

Black folk who don't acknowledge how other racial, ethnic and religious minorities are oppressed.

Black Americans that think Mexicans really do be stealing their jobs.

Black Americans that got problems with Africans.

Black Americans who don't care about the oppression that other marginalized groups face or trivialize the oppression that other marginalized groups face.

Black folk who wouldn't think about boycotting football even if they had a 100% guarantee that it would end white supremacy.

Black people who won't do anything to fight white supremacy unless they have a 100% guarantee that it will work.

Light skinned people who perpetuate colorism.

Dark skinned poc that perpetuate colorism.

Black people still repping R Kelly and Bill Cosby.

Black folk who perpetuate harmful gender norms.

Black folk who perpetuate toxic masculinity.

Black people who endorse unrealistic body standards.

Black folk who think that going to therapy is for white people.

Black people who have the funds to but don't go to the doctors when necessary.

Black "feminist" who perpetuate the bullshit narrative about black men (about how they are violent, etc.)

Uncle Tom's

Black people who are homophobic.

Black people who are transphobic.

Sexist black men.

Black women who get angry at black men for dating outside their race.

Black men who get angry at black women for dating outside their race.

Black women who commit domestic violence, rape, or contribute to rape culture.

Black people who think that the biggest problem that black people face are single parent households.

Black people who think that white supremacy can be eradicated by focusing on political and economic inequalities (not cultural institutions).

Black people who believe that white supremacy could be eradicated if black people were to pull themselves up by their boot straps.

Black people who look down at other black people for the way they speak.

Elite or middle class black people who think they are better than poor black people.

Black people who take it on themselves to be "good black people" for their white friends, coworkers, and associates.

Black people who don't see how the fight to end white supremacy is the fight to end capitalism.

Black people who don't give back to their communities when they "make it."

Black people who think that racism isn't real.

Black people who work for Donald Trump.

Black political commentators who perpetuate white supremacist narratives for money.

Apathetic black people who don't care about helping people or ending white supremacy.

Black people who get mad at other black people for not ending white supremacy in the way that they want them to.

Black people who associate intelligence with language.

Black people who buy into bull shit racist ass narratives about other black people.

Black people who commit domestic violence or share domestic violence videos.

Black people who are shady church people.







I'm sure that there are more but this list comprises of what I've heard, thought, or read are the "bad black people". I certainly have been known to exhibit a few of these characteristics or way of thinking. Some may ask, what is the point of this? I think that's a good question. The purpose for me is to think about all of the ways in which black people in my community, my "echo chambers" have condemned other black people. What types of identities are shunned? What types of identities are disgraceful, shameful, or condemned? A lot black people may find issue with me listing issues in the "black community." I don't because at the end of the day I believe that black is beautiful, that black people are fucking amazing, and that this circulating in white spaces won't further oppress black people- racist white people, along with racist institutions and the practices some of these "bad black people" perform will be enough to ensure that white supremacy continues.