"those" conversations with uconn philosophy faculty (1st semester in grad school)

May 5, 2018

Professor: I don't understanding what you are saying. 

Me: (Repeat what I said before.) 

Professor: But what does (repeat specific claim in my tangent) mean? 



Me: (Says a string of words in hope that they may provide some answers.) 



Me: (Redo paper and send it back to professor.)

Professor: The connection still isn't here. 


 Me: (Shows paper to other people.) 

Other people: I don't see the connection between the claims that you are making. 



Me to me: Your claims are controversial af and require a lot of moving pieces. To explain, you have to take readers step by step. You can't assume they know anything. 

Me to professor: 



 Professor: It's okay! We are here to teach you



Me: (Writes paper over.)

Professor: I think you should work on re-structuring your arguments. 

Me to my head: 

 Me to my heart and my soul: 


As I am wrapping up my first term papers, I am unbelievable grateful for how much care my professors and colleagues give to my ideas. They care about the state of their existence. They care that I am tending to them. They care that they are doing good. Words can't explain how good it feels to have people care about your ideas like that.  #GodIsGood #UConnPhilosophyDepartment 

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