Ye Interview (My thoughts 15 minutes in.)

Watching the Kanye west and Charlamagne interview and its crazy bc a lot of his break down was due to him being a black man, a black artist in America. It is also reflective of the experience that one goes through in virtue of living in a capitalist society. He talks about the pain it feels when people frame what you say to reinforce white supremacy. He talks about how oppressive the expectations the labor industry can be. And yet he does not connect it back to the black experience. He doesn't relate it back to capitalism. He says he is hungry for information more than he is hungry for money or anything else and yet he hasn't been able to access information that would give him an understanding about these things.

I was confused about the "change" in Kanye. His music talks about black issues, etc. This didn't make sense to me bc recently he has talked about supporting Trump. I get now that there are a lot of black people who don't have access to the work of James Baldwin and Frantz Fanon but still can express complex ideas about race.

It's obvious that he is living in an epistemic bubble. He keeps talking to people who are just as ignorant as he is about things. People say that he is a genius. He says he is a genius. I am not trying to paint him as someone who doesn't have agency, but I wonder what he would have been like if he had the same access to education as me. I have the intuition that he might have been more able to make sense of a PHD than I can.

So what I'm seeing is an uneducated black man with a huge desire to express himself. It hurts because I want every black person to have the opportunity to learn and grow as I did but he won't get that because people will admonish him very harshly. It hurts even more that I don't want him to use his voice because I fear the damage he will cause when he uses it. I don't know if the dialogue that is taking place about Kanye is worth the ways in which people are reinforcing explicit bias. My thinking on this gotta to be skewed. White supremacy ensure that POC don't use their voice and now I'm upset that a POC is using their voice because I think it will reinforce white supremacy

I know that people willl say that he is doing this for ratings. I know that it's his fault for living in his epistemic bubble- he is so narcissistic that he thinks that the plethora of black voices speaking out against racism are wrong. Maybe I will change my mind about things. I'm only 15 minutes in to the interview.