Waiting for the gatekeepers to die

There are so many students and professors who say that they will (and that I should) wait for the gatekeepers in academia to die. By gate keepers, they mean people who have power in the academia. They mean people who use their power and prestige to ensure hermeneutical injustices take place (they use their power in academia to ensure that women/POC get erased and de-legitimized in academia). I think the idea is that we should just go through the system, follow their rules, bear their bull shit until we get teaching jobs where we can fix their hermeneutical injustices, diversify the classroom, and make academia understandable,relatable , accessible, and fun.

At first, I was like damn that's a long time to be dealing with people's bullshit!

And then I was like damn why they gotta be like that? This is 2018.

And then I was like damn aint it disrespectful to the people who came before us to put up with their bs? Cuz they did the same with the hope that we wouldn't have to..

This is some unhealthy shit right here. What coping mechanisms can someone give me to be able to do this shit?

Why are we all so committed to something so unhealthy? You know operating in this institution is unhealthy..right?

I ain't gon find no healthy institution to work in a imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchy, huh?

Are yall really gon be able to fix their racist, sexist, and xenophobic bs? What exactly is your philosophy on how things should be? I bet all of the people who are waiting on the gate keepers to die don't even got good philosophies about the way things should be..

Even if they did, by the time they died off them ppl will t be so trained to think and act and write like them that they will become them or a slightly worst off version of themselves...

Is academia worth it?

Wouldn't it be fucked up if medicine and technology advanced in such a way that they ended up living forever ensuring that none of you bitches get tenure? Ever? Or wouldn't it be fucked up if you dedicated a decade of your life going through all of that bull shit and then Trump gets into a nuclear bomb pissing contest with North Korea and destroys the Earth before you got to do all of the things you wanted to do?

If the people before us tried this and they weren't successful, what makes you think we will be successful?

This sound like some "the way to be successful is to integrate and mobilize within the system" type shit. At what point in history do we do decide this shit don't work?

I talked to my mommy and my daddy. They told me to pray. Best advice I've gotten. They reminded me of who I am, which was necessary because it's easy to forget who you are waiting for the gate keepers to die.