What to do when professors be shady

Professors be hella shady. By shady, I don't mean that they throw shade (aka lowkey insults) at their students (although it's impossible to go through your undergraduate career without that happening). What I mean by "shady" is that professors will fuck with you. Perhaps they do this unintentionally. Who knows? All I know is that there have been too many time where I have asked a professor a question only to have my professor give an answer that doesn't answer my question. Their answer will be filled with even more (oftentimes interesting ideas). Sometimes they will even frame their answer in a way that suggest that they will answer the question but in a rapid turn of events they will propose premises that are imperative to their overall argument (an argument that you weren't even talking about, thinking about, or knew about).

When this happens I will take notes of what they say. Of course, my notes are jumbled and confused because I am jumbled and confused. At this point, they have confused me even more. And yet somehow, they've managed to simultaneously entice me to think of something else. Unfortunately, this something else is not an idea easily understood and I still have other questions (remember this whole thing stated with the fact that I was confused and asked my professor to clear things up for me, only that never got cleared up). The whole thing leaves me feeling even more confused. In the end, I am left with a plethora of facts but I have no idea how to make sense of it, how to frame it, or how to feel about it. At the face of this problem, many students have given up. By give up, they will stop trying to figure things out or they will simply accept whatever propostions their professor poses. I prefer to do outside reading on the subject, go to my professor's office hours,and learn to be strategic about asking questions, and maybe even shoot an email to my professor explaining my confusion.

Look, I am just writing this to say 1) don't give up. 2) What you are feeling in your classes are a common phenomenon. Professors be shady. 3. It's not you, it's your professor. Don't feel insecure about yourself when you don't get things. It is very possible that you may have a decent reason not to apprehend things. 4. Get that just because your professor is a great rhetorician, doesn't mean that you should beleve everything they say (especially when they can't answer your questions). 5. I needed to vent. Thanks so much for reading. Remember to spread the word about Kiss The Sky. And have a wonderful day!