hypocritical anti-capitalist educators

There are a lot of hypocritical anti-capitalist educators. They hate alienation but work to further it by engaging in practices that they believe are necessary for “a good education”.

One of the reasons why anti-capitalist educators are anti-capitalist is because they don’t like that in capitalist societies a person is a “hunter, a fisherman, a herdsman, or a critical critic” (Marx, The German Ideology). They cannot be anything more. They cannot do one thing today and another tomorrow. They cannot choose to “hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner”. Capitalism ensures that they only have the time, energy, and motivation to fulfill the job the capitalist doled out to them. The issue with this is that capitalism restricts people by fixing their social activity. Thus, limiting their way of being. Coercing people into jobs that monopolize their time also alienates people from themselves and from others. When people are so devoted to their job, they become less aware/pay less attention to themselves and others.

And yet, many anti-capitalist educators assign a shit ton of work to their students.

This ensures that their students prioritize fulfilling the role of student. It ensures that their students don’t have time to flourish in other areas. Cultivating nourishing relationships, for example, must take the back burner if one is to satisfy their professor’s requirements in the class. Students' devotion to their work also means that they spend less time developing an awareness of the self via meditation, art, and reflection. The stress and anxiety of all further works to alienate the student from themselves and their work.

Anti-capitalist educators must assign less work if they really want to practice what they teach. They must give their students time to rest, to live, to love, to think.

They must structure their class in a way that cultivates virtues and practices necessary to be a well-rounded person. I know this sounds super abstract but I think there is a way to do this via team building activities, activities that teach students how to communicate their ideas to people, and activities that connect what they learn to their lives and the lives of other people.

All of this would require that anti-capitalist educator to stop requiring their students to read so much, study so much, and write so much. They would not be able to go over a lot of material that they think is necessary to cover. This sacrifice would not be worth it to those who think that they must assign a lot of writing assignments so that their students can develop their writing skills. This sacrifice would not be worth it to those who want their students to leave their class knowing a wide range of information. This sacrifice would only be worth it to those who want their students to be well rounded, to those who deem it acceptable for their students to learn in a different way. This sacrifice would only be worth it to those who are truly anti-capitalist, those who truly want a revolution.

Do you really want a revolution?


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