woke white girl privilege

Woke white girl is woke. She knows all about unjust structures. She volunteer to dismantle them and shit. She protest when she can. And yet woke white girl jokes about her assets, stocks, and savings around her broke black girl friends who ain’t gon be able to think about having savings for at least a few decades as they just took out loans that will bring them into debt forever.

One day, woke white girl says, “You can’t afford to help your family. You just have to focus on you.” Her black friend nods and wonders what the point of working is if she can’t help her family.

Woke white girl says, “Your family is not your responsibility.” And ain’t that privilege? Woke white girl never had to worry about her family. Our white supremacist, capitalist society made sure that her daddy was able to take care of his babies, no problem. Woke white girl never had to worry about light bills or hospital bills.

But when people ask black queens why they work so hard, black girls and women all around the world respond, “my family.” Our family is our responsibility. We want them to be. Black girls work hard so that one day we can help mama with her hospital bills. Black girls mobilize in racist ass institutions because they hope to be financially stable enough to help little cousins get in after school programs. Black girls got whole people’s they tryna raise up.

Black girls, like myself, wonder what white girls mean when they say they work hard for they family. What you doing it for, woke white girl, if you not doing it so yo daddy don’t gotta stress about no bills? And you know what? I see that you work for “women” in this abstract sense, but what does that mean? What responsibility do you think you have to them? How does it compare to the responsibility that black girls all across the world have to their black families, their fellow black people?

On friday nights, woke white girl watches trashy white tv with her beloved black friends.

“I don’t wanna watch this shit,” says beloved black friend.

Black friends craving stories and shows that showcase people that look like them is the norm so you either don’t care or don’t think to care that they so hungry for it they are unable to mask their irritation when they ask to change the channel.

Woke white people's privilege ensures that they don’t understand the situation for what it is. Their privilege ensures that their idea of a diverse show doesn’t extend beyond a show full of white queer people. Their privilege ensures that their black friend gotta explain to them that they been raised their whole life to uphold white beauty. They don’t wanna watch another trashy white film. Their privilege ensures that woke white people leave it up to their black friend to ask, “Can we get some Insecure, Blackish, Greenleaf, or Queen Sugar in this bih?”

Woke black girls got privilege too. It’s in the expectation that they will get gifts on birthdays and Christmas. It’s in the fact that they had access to teachers, books, and art that showed them about our imperialist ass, white supremacist ass, capitalist, patriarchy. Others don’t. The evidence is in the expensive light skin cream they put on. It’s in their post calling for others who look like them to not be so lazy.

So please don’t think this blog is about clowning woke white girls.

It’s just I think about all the woke white girls who got black best friends. You know, the ones that don't say shit when they bf say racist shit? I think about woke white girl privilege and how some woke white girls can get so depressed that they don’t do shit and then I look at my black friends being told to suck their depression and anxiety up. The world is hard. You just gotta get through it. I think about black girls around the world going shopping with their roommates on their first college shopping trip. I think about them walking around stores filled with products they can’t afford. I think about how they work to mobilize through the same system that their ancestors did (albeit the system has had a few alterations) and I know that they know that change seems about as elusive as it did to their ancestors, and still they rise.


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