women and poc in academia

It is not a desire for our voice to be heard that keeps us going (though we can be intellectual snobs like the rest of them). It is that we know that our work has a strong potential to be erased- it is that we were silenced and doubted and ignored and we know that if no one stands up- millions of others will die never having known any different.

I stand tall saying that this is our motivation because so many that I have met have wreaked with insecurity about their ability, their potential to "make it" and be valued in this industry. And yet they keep trying for a better tomorrow for all. We think we can change the world so we ignore their bigotry. We think we can make a difference so we accept "losses." We accept blows to our self-esteem, exploitation, and alienation. We believe that we can create a better future so we play the game even though playing the game feels like denying our true selves, denying ourselves happiness and self-love.

I guess we are a little egocentric to think that our work, the development of our craft can change the world.

And yet I am afraid that it is a little bit too easy to forget why we got started in the first place. I am afraid that we will forget the voices of the many as we are indoctrinated by the voices of the few.


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