Journal Guidelines for Submissions

Revolutionize the format. Play with ideas. Take artistic liberties in academic writing. 

If you are reading this, if you are on this site, if you are checking out this page, then you are probably one of many that resent how academic journals and academic organizations have legitimized one way of communicating rather than myriad ways. In it of itself, there's nothing wrong with the pre-existing way of doing things. However, when you have a situation in which only one form of communication is practiced and that form is inaccessible to regular everyday people, a problem arises.


Kiss The Sky's Journal, The New Epic, allows philosophers the opportunity to play with the format. We encourage writers to take artistic liberties an play with the pre-existing rules on content, format, and language.


There is a way to write in an entertaining way without dumbing down ideas. It is possible to play with ideas and language and be understood by masses.  If you can do it, submit your manuscript to Kiss The Sky's Journal. 


The New Epic


The New Epic is a philosophy academic journal that steps away from the idea that there should be one way to write, one way to read, or one class of voices heard in the academic community, by allowing people to play with alternative ways to write


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