The New Epic


Imagine Cardi B, Dave Chappelle, or Tupac Shakur translating Husserl or John Locke's work into their own words. Now, imagine reading their translations of these famous philosopher's work but envision memes and gifs added to their work.

Welcome to the New Epic. 

Poems and stories were passed down through generations of oral poets and story tellers since the invention of the alphabet. As the poems and stories got passed down they changed a little. I imagine when people went to perform the poems and stories they put a little of “them” in it. They changed it a bit to suit them and performed it to other people. This practice was beloved by many of the people who participated in sharing and consuming complex ideas. Not only was the practice entertaining, it was also informative. The controversial epic poems and stories were told in a way that held an audience of listeners whose span of attention is limited and who must be kept interested by the strong, simple movement and high coloring of the story.  Funny enough, they also held challenging philosophical ideas. Kiss The Sky aims to revive the movement by translating popular academic texts into urban dialects and memes. Be apart of the movement and submit your own translations to our journal, The New Epic. 

Submission Requirements 

  • Do not summarize the pieces. Translate the articles or book chapters from sentence to sentence, word for word, or by every idea, like one would translate a Spanish article into English. 

  • You can translate the texts into any language or dialect of your choice. For example, you can translate texts into chicano or you can translate the texts into New York speak. 

  • You must use memes or gifs. It is okay to break the fourth wall when you use memes and gifs. However, we encourage you to use memes and gifs to explain the texts. 

  • If you write in text talk or use slang words create a word bank for the jargon you introduce. 

  • Get funky with page lay out, font, size, space, etc if possible.  The layout, font, etc can be used as a tool to better convey challenging ideas. For example, one might communicate a particular mood with a certain font. (If people with learning disabilities find it hard to read they can take advantage of versions of the text in dyslexia font.) 

  • You must translate whole articles, chapters, or sections of articles and chapters. 

Created and managed by Taylor Tate

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