A note from Taylor!


My blog posts are a product of emotional reactions, questions, and intuitions I've accrued after navigating our colonial and (inserts other isms) society. The claims I make here are tentative in that they are first reactions to issues that I will be thinking about for a long time. Please understand that I am constantly growing, constantly learning so I could change my mind about what I post. Regardless, I hope you can gain from my musings in some way. 

Also, please note that while I strive to be as authentic as possible in my writings, I'm also playing with ideas, writing styles, and grammar. The way that I package information may be problematics but the whole point of writing my blogs is to try things out. I hope that this warrants you being understanding about any mistakes I make. I hope you learn to see my mistakes, my transgressions as part of the learning process. 

Happy Reading,