About We Kiss the Sky

Our Mission

Many texts that are crucial to educating ourselves on topics that shape our worldview and society as a whole are disengaging and difficult to read, oftentimes bordering on unintelligible for most.  KTS strives to repackage texts to make learning easier for people.


Education is fundamental to creating a fair and free society, but these goals tend to feel very unattainable when it seems like the only way to be free is through the oppressor's language. Kiss The Sky began with the hope that de-colonizing the language in readings that people HAVE to read in order to be successful will help them nurture their radical self, to be something that holds them up.

Top quality ideas in a way that meets people where they are.


If texts aren't expensive, than they're probably written in elite gibberish. By translating various Supreme Court rulings and philosophical texts, I can help to change things. My goal is to encourage people to engage in critical reflection. In order to do that, in order to help change people's relationship to ideas, we have to change the texts themselves so that instead of being something that is too boring, too intimidating, and too expensive it is entertaining, addicting, illuminating and free.

There are a variety of ways in which KTS repackages academic texts. As stated before, KTS creates text stories out of the majority and minority decisions that our Supreme Court has written. KTS produces audiobooks. KTS also translates texts into Black English, memes, modern-day English, millennial speak, New York City dialects, southern dialects and more. We do not translate texts because we believe that people are incapable of understanding the text in the way that it was written. We translate texts because we want people to have the option of reading texts in their cultural dialects. We do not hope to discourage people from reading the original versions.  We do, however, hope that reading the text in a particular dialect might illuminate something unique about the human experience in the same way as reading the Bible in English might illuminate something one might not have understood in French. At the very least, we do it so that the texts will be more accessible to people. 

It is our sincerest wish that people of the ether would come to understand that cultural dialect are as legitimate as the standard language it was based on. We translate texts into cultural dialects so that we can be a part of the movement working to get rid of stigmas associated with various dialects. 


What does it mean to "kiss the sky?"


For me, kissing the sky is synonymous with gaining autonomy through critical reflection. I’ve only had a taste of learning as a practice of freedom and it’s already changed my wants and dreams. It's forced me to lock myself up in a tiny room with only love and myself.  It has encouraged me to try and be hope for other people. 

Kissing the sky feels like love for other people now. It looks like justice.

To read,

to even relatively understand


who died in 1894,

Du bois,

who died in 1963,


who died in 1987,

and read bell hooks,

and hear Cornel West bear witness to truth,

and see Angela Davis argue for the need of a collective effort to transform,

to immerse oneself

into Toni Morrison works of art,

to fall into Lorraine Hannsberry’s world

and study the other remarkable,


talented revolutionaries

who came before 

and after them,


whose words,

seem to always be put together

just for me,

just for us-

is to be empowered,

to be filled with the blues,

to be in awe and wonder,

to feel centered,

to feel hopeless,



to feel love

to be love,

to be hope

It is truly wonderful.

It’s like kissing the sky.

Kiss the sky with me.